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Setting Yourself Up For Success In 2021

Last year, the world experienced unprecedented pandemic-related change. An understatement. Now, for a new year! You can keep finding new ways to adapt. Pivot. Grow stronger. Better. Improve your skills and habits. How you think. What you tell yourself. And—move forward.

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Self-Care = Fuel For Happiness & High Achievement:
2 Actionable Tips You Can Use Today To Improve Your Self-Care

If you want to run like a Porsche, you can’t fuel yourself like a Pinto. This is what I tell my patients when I introduce the importance of self-care. It means: if you want to be happy, healthy, and sustainably high achieving—you need to “fuel” yourself well.

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Strengthen Your Self-Talk For Success:
3 Powerful Questions You Can Use Today To Optimize Your Thinking

Transforming your self-talk starts with asking yourself one question: What am I telling myself? Sometimes you might not even realize you are engaging in self-sabotage. So it’s tremendously helpful to start raising your awareness about what kind of thoughts (also referred to as: self-talk, internal monologue) you are thinking.

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