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What Is the Performance Paradox, and How Does It Stifle Our Ability to Improve?

Iona Brannon, Success Magazine, September 29, 2023
To get good at something, we often think it’s just about putting in the reps. Keep showing up consistently and you’ll get better. And it’s true, at least at first. But once we’ve reached a certain level of proficiency, effort and consistency alone are no longer enough for improvement.

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Marathon Training Also Trained My Stress Tolerance —Here’s How

Iona Brannon, Success Magazine, October 5, 2023
The idea of building resilience isn’t just a story told by marathoners to justify putting themselves through psychologically challenging experiences. As clinical psychologist Dr. Mary Anderson explains, resilience is “our ability to successfully navigate challenges; to learn to adapt as necessary and find healthy ways to cope while facing hardships and traversing the vicissitudes of life.”

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