5 Stress-Reducing Strategies For Spring

The winter is over! Now for a new season—and some new ways to effectively manage stress. Here are 5 strategies to help you stress less and smile more this spring:

1. Get outside and look for signs of spring.

New buds on tree branches, flowers starting to blossom… For me, seeing bright yellow forsythia blooming and purple crocuses rising from the ground heralds the arrival of springtime.

Becoming a treasure hunter looking for nature’s beauty will immediately direct your thoughts onto the present moment. And off of future-focused worry.


2. Create a new playlist for the new season.

This is the perfect time to curate a fresh playlist of your favorite uplifting tunes to take with you on your workouts or walks outside—upbeat music to celebrate winter’s end.


3. Write a list of at least 3 things you can look forward to this spring.

Writing a list can help relieve stress because it enhances feelings of being in control. And planning activities to look forward to can provide a fantastic mood boost. Indeed, just anticipating pleasant future events can be enjoyable. So start thinking about all the exciting, fun, or relaxing things you’ll do this spring!


4. Do a self-care spring cleaning.

Capitalize on the natural surge of energy that accompanies the beginning of spring—by clearing out any old, unhealthy habits from winter (staying up late, not drinking enough water, hitting the Snooze button in the morning) and prioritizing healthier self-care that will benefit your mind and body, and help you better manage stress.

Find ways to build more movement into your day. Motivate yourself by tracking your daily step count and set a daily goal to work toward—then give yourself credit every time you hit it!

Strategically improve your food choices. Make it convenient to eat well. Keep 2-3 healthy snack options easily accessible at work or home—almonds, pumpkin seeds, green tea bags, 70% dark chocolate, bottled protein shakes, fresh fruit (your favorite type of berries, or apples with almond butter) and vegetables.

Just choose at least 1 self-care habit you can transform from winter into spring in a healthy way.


5. Increase springtime social connection.

Surrounding yourself with friendly, supportive people will help you feel less stressed. And with spring’s warmer weather, it’s a great time to get out and interact after a long winter. You can:

Schedule a meetup with a friend or work buddy (spend time with people who energize you, make you laugh, or inspire you to be your best), go to an outdoor event—walk around a farmer’s market or craft show, attend a concert, join a club or activity group, participate in a local charity walk or run, sign up for a volunteer opportunity that seems interesting or meaningful, or start your morning with the goal of saying “Hi” or “It’s nice to see you” to at least one person that day.

Cultivate social connection in whatever ways feel most doable for you.


Wishing you a wonderful spring!



To help successfully manage your stress and maximize your enjoyment of this new season—Do at least 1 of the strategies above this week.

Bonus Boost: Print or write out these 5 stress-reducing strategies and put a checkmark next to each strategy as you complete it. Aim to finish the entire list before the end of spring.



“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.”

Laura Ingalls Wilder